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Suham Alexander


Meet Suham

From my teenage years, I’ve been drawn to business. My family owned a franchise of a small business and even at that early age, I could see what was working, what wasn’t working and the potential for growth. Although my academic path took a very different path in the sciences and dentistry, it eventually led me to back to my passion – business.

After many years of university and working with others in their businesses, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with my husband. We owned and built our dental practice with the help of our dedicated team. It was our “labour of love”. Through this experience, I became even more excited about business and decided to return to university to obtain my Master’s of Business Administration. In this way, I was able to marry my years of practical experience with the knowledge and business consulting opportunities I gained to aggressively grow my own business. Eventually, I gave up the clinical arm of my work to focus on the business.

Finding my Fire ...

DREAM Business Consulting Group, Inc. is an extension of my passion and allows me to use the knowledge, skills, systems and experience that I have gained over the last two decades to help other small business owners realize their goals and ultimately, their personal and professional visions.

What I’ve learned is, that while businesses differ in the products and services they provide, the basic principles remain the same.

It is my goal and sincere desire to help my clients continue to believe in their abilities and offerings, achieve their aspirations through execution and implementation of strategies and dream bigger.


Suham Alexander possesses a unique skill set complemented by an authentic presence. A winning combination to implement a multi-faceted approach to incite businesses to achieve their very best. Looking very forward to watching your success!

/ Jo-Anne J.  /



Azhar Pardhan


Meet Azhar

As a high school student, I was fascinated with the sciences and numbers. Growing up abroad in Kenya, I also had a strong desire to help others. When it came to go to university, I decided to major in mathematics while studying the sciences as I had already come to the conclusion that I wanted to become a dentist.  I entered dental school in Toronto and graduated in 1996. After working in New York City at a world-renowned hospital, I took time off to live abroad in Pakistan and travel. When I returned, I practiced for a few years and returned to school to obtain my MBA. Armed with practical experience and the theoretical business background, my partner and I purchased a small practice in Ottawa.

During my years as a business owner, I honed my clinical skills but, most importantly, I developed a passion for interacting with my most valuable clients and helping them achieve their oral health goals. My years in private practice truly refined my relationship-building and communication skills as a health care provider, employer and most notably, as a mentor.

These years allowed me to identify the elements of coaching which I am passionate about – helping others become even better versions of themselves.

My expertise lies in problem-solving and analysis of issues. Through DREAM, my goal is to share business skills using my interpersonal strengths with clients in order to help them realize their unlimited potential.  


I had the opportunity to work with DREAM Business Consulting Group, Inc. on a professional level. They are known for their intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude and leadership.  I strongly recommend them to all my family, friends, associates.   

/  Brenna D.  /