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The Importance of Healthy Competition

On a recent run with my children, I was reminded of why I love running and why I encourage them to run. It has given me the best opportunity to understand what healthy competition is and pass those lessons on to my family. Running gives me the opportunity to exercise while I set goals for myself and “best” myself. It’s me competing against ME. (By the way, I am NOT and do not pretend or intend to be an elite runner.)

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Forgive and Forget

As we set out on a new adventure in 2019, it’s important to remember that we are in control of how we act in, react to and create different situations for ourselves moving forward. This will also impact our happiness and our achievements.


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The Power of "I AM"

Think about the words we usually start sentences with when we describe or introduce ourselves to someone else – “I AM”. On their own, these two little words may seem insignificant, but I’d argue that they are actually very powerful words in a language.

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