The Power of "I AM"


Think about the words we usually start sentences with when we describe or introduce ourselves to someone else – “I AM”. On their own, these two little words may seem insignificant, but I’d argue that they are actually very powerful words in any language.

Whatever follows I AM either sets you up for success or failure, not in anyone else’s eyes necessarily, but in your own mind! “I AM” forms the basis of our own “self-talk” and what we believe about ourselves. Telling yourself positive things helps recondition your mind and empower you to believe all the wonderful things you know to be true about yourself. This is important because humans default to negativity more than positivity.

The first step to changing our instinctive behaviour is to be aware of it. When you talk to yourself, listen to what you say. We all get frustrated and disappointed at times, but we need to dig deep and find what is going well, what we are doing right and focus on these elements. Our positive self-talk helps us reset ourselves, our minds and our day when things are not going in the direction we had hoped. On good days, it continues to reinforce our mindset and create a good feedback loop.

Remember that our thoughts become our reality and what we focus on will materialize. So, why not take the time to create a reality that you really want!