Is Customer Service Part of Your Growth Strategy?


When people consider strategies to grow their business, they often focus on new products or services and increasing their marketing budgets and efforts to grab the attention of prospective clients. Often overlooked is a strategy that is a win-win for the business, its employees and clients - excellent customer service.

Being pleasant or going the extra mile for your customers doesn’t cost much. Spending a little extra time, a simple smile or even a “thank you” for a customer’s patronage goes a long way in building a trusting and loyal relationship that will pay dividends over time.

However, to truly be customer-centric, the customer service mindset must be top-of-mind for everyone in an organization even those who don’t interact with customers. Everyone has to think like the client!

·       How would I want to be treated?

·       What product or service would I want to buy?

·       Why would I want to give my business to this company?

Once everyone in the business places the customer at the centre of the business, the customers will feel valued. In turn, they will value the business and show their appreciation through repeat business transactions, loyalty and free word-of-mouth marketing.