Why I went "gaga" over Google

We’ve all heard stories or even “googled” information about the company culture at Google, but walking through Googleplex on a recent trip to California with my son had me going “gaga” for Google. As a result, I felt inspired to share my personal experience.

I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of employee engagement and how it translates to a win-win situation for both employees and business owners; however, Google really “ups the ante” in this department.

Having the opportunity to speak, just by chance, with a few people I interacted with while walking through the Google campus brought the stories you hear or read about to life.

·       Yes, they do have the freedom to work where they choose – inside or outside.

·       Yes, they do have haircuts available on site.

·       Yes, they do have free food for employees.

·       Yes, they have gym facilities for worker.

·       Yes, they have Google-branded multicoloured bicycles on site for employees to ride between buildings. (They aren’t even locked up or signed out because they are rarely stolen– people just grab a bike that’s available and go.)

·       Yes, they even have gardens on site where they grow their own vegetables. 

I'm sure there is a lot more that I'm not aware of.

These same happy, energetic and grateful employees mentioned that working at Google gave them so many opportunities to interact with people of different cultures and ethnicities and to learn about different things and places because Google really embraces diversity. This interaction occurs within Google amongst employees, but also outside on the campus when they interact with tourists (like me) who are walking around and experiencing the campus.

As a business, when you are able to create a culture of trust, respect, loyalty and your employees “buy-in” so strongly to your philosophies, you are definitely on your way to building a more successful, productive company. It's quite evident with Google!